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商品編號: M-RI-SIS-02

客製化siRNA (GenePharma)

GenePharma提供不同長度、不同形式,由客戶自行設計的RNA oligo。

化學合成的siRNA oligo


一般siRNA oligo

GenePhatma的siRNA oligo均由HPLC純化,100%除去未配對的單鏈,價格便宜且品質保證。研究者僅需要稀釋後即可進行轉染實驗。
本公司可根據客戶提供的每條基因設計四個靶點的siRNA。可單獨使用亦可隨意組合,以“siRNA Pool”形式提高抑制效率。

SiRNA Oligo 套組

客戶只需提供基因序列GeneID或者Accession number, 即可免費幫您設計選擇適合的位點,siRNA oligo 細胞轉染效率達到50%以上,我們可以保證至少有一對可以有效的抑制相對應基因的mRNA表現達70%以上.


►Quality Control
SiRNA oligo synthesis is completed under strictly controlled process and condition; ISO9001 Quality System Certification;Products are precisely quantitated by spectrophotometer
HPLC purification;siRNA concentration >97%
►Labeling and Modification
biotin, FAM or phosphorate labeling in 3 'and 5' end
19~23 bp/strand
►Product Types
Single strand RNA lyophilized powder
Annealed dsRNA lyophilized powder
►Storage and Stability
Although oligonucleotides are stable in solution at 4°C for up to 2 weeks, GenePharma recommends storing siRNA solution at -20°C, and repetitive freezing and thaw should be avoided by aliquots. The recommended storage concentration is above 20 μM. GenePharma guarantees the oligonucleotide stability for 6 months under above conditions. The fluorescence-labeled RNA must be kept in dark.
►Technology Data Sheet
Technical data sheet is delivered together with siRNA oligo, and the sheet includes oligo name, sequence, concentration, OD, the precise number of OD and nmols, Tm, MW, size, extinction coefficient and purification type.
►Personalized Service
Aliquot under customer's request
Free design support
1.5ml freezing tube package,
express delivery